Golden gully, white cliffs - David Lake

David Lake

Golden gully, white cliffs

59 x 74 cmFramed: 59 x 74 cmOil
am a full time artist, and Fellow of the Royal Art Society of NSW, whose interest is in painting the Australian landscape.

My art career began whilst I was at high school with an enthusiasm for both drawing and subsequently painting – an interest that was encouraged by my parents with the purchase of some low cost sets of both watercolour and oil paints.

Whilst I worked initially with watercolour, and painted birds and animals, it was the oil paints that really held my attention and in turn I made a transition to painting the landscape.

For me painting the landscape is about capturing the light and atmosphere of the subject, and whilst it may essentially represent a single moment in time it is, at the same time, timeless. As Tom Roberts so eloquently stated: “By making art the perfect expression of one time and one place, it becomes for all time and of all places”.

Since 2006 I have been a frequent exhibitor in exhibitions across the state and have to date collected more than one hundred 1st prizes. My work has appeared on several occasions in Australian Artist Magazine, including four feature articles, and I am also represented in Max Germaine’s Artists & Galleries of Australia (1990 edition). My paintings can be found in private and municipal collections in Australia and private collections overseas, including the UK, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, and the USA.