Paperbark, Pandanus and Waterlilies II - Peter McQueeney

Peter McQueeney

Paperbark, Pandanus and Waterlilies II

50 x 70cmMixed Media on Paper
Painting on Paper by Peter McQueeney. Peter McQueeney’s personal statement: “My art is influenced by the rich visual stimulus of the Australian Landscape. It’s diversity, moods and light are the elements that draw me to capture and interpret the relationship I have within the environment.” Peter McQueeney was born in Tasmania in 1941. From 1986 he has made Sydney his home and spends time traveling to the areas of Australia which inspire him most. His aim with his work is to capture the mood of the Australian landscape its coastlines, interiors and the vastness of the island continent. He is particularly drawn to the light and colours of this timeless land. Changes of light and weather conditions offer challenging exploration in atmosphere, colour and textual interpretation. Variations in terrain and vegetation can be expressed with paint through abstraction and designed to bring up the diverse and unique characteristics of this country which he hopes will inspire observation and introspection in the viewer and evoke pleasurable memories of the spirit of the land and the moment in time.